Anais Lingle

With ten years of quality assurance experience and a Steam library she’ll never make a considerable dent in, Anais considers video games to be one of her greatest passions. When she’s not playing games she enjoys yelling about anime, creating D&D characters that give her friends nightmares, and spending entirely too much money on iced […]

Bounme Phetdavone

Baltimore born and raised, Bounme has done quality assurance for 10+ years in the video games, digital marketing, and supply chain industries. Bounme enjoys playing fighting games, MMO’s and FPS’s and is a sushi chef in his spare time.

Taylor Burch

Taylor is a Baltimore native and BPI alumni. She graduated from University of Baltimore with a degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment and a minor in psychology. While Oxide is her first professional role in the industry, she’s a firm believer that games are the most powerful form of media and is passionate about making […]

Michael Califf

Michael began working in games QA in 2016, moving to Baltimore in 2017 for his first full-time position. In his free time, Michael still just plays games. Seriously, that’s it, and he’ll still never get through this backlog.

Zai Jeffries

Zai is an experienced QA tester that has been in the software development industry for 10+ years. He’s proud to have been a part of the development teams for several critically acclaimed titles on consoles, PC, and mobile devices. Quality assurance isn’t just a job for Zai though, it’s also a hobby. He spends his […]