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April 16th, 2021

Welcome to the Crab Triangle

We’ve been hiring up here at Oxide, I’m sworn to secrecy as to why (hint, we’re a computer game company). At the end of job interviews, I like to tell prospective employees why they should want to live in the Baltimore-Hunt Valley area. ...

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May 25th, 2021

Stop the Music!

A few years back a very prolific friend of mine told me that when he was on deadline, he would play Who Let the Dogs Out? by the Baha Men on a continuous loop until he completed the assignment. He also drank more Diet Coke than any human being I’ve ever ...

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May 17th, 2021

Dude, Where’s My Genre?

This blog was written by guest author and Oxide game designer Meghan Straus.   Over the many years that video games have been in development, genres have seen rises and falls in popularity. From the surge of MMOs in the mid-2000s to the uprising of ...

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Our Vision

Oxide is dedicated to building great games that no one else dares to create – to push the boundaries of design and technology to create truly new game experiences.

We hope to introduce a new generation of players to strategy games and re-engage generations who have grown tired of the old tropes.