60 is the new 30 (but not for long)

Being a game developer, I often think about how we evaluate the quality of the games we make, as well as those we play. I know everyone has their own subjective list of what is important, but there have been some metrics that as an industry we have embraced. The one that comes to mind […]

The Birth of a new API

This past week we made available a pre-beta of Ashes of the Singularity, our upcoming massive-scale real-time strategy game.  Amongst other firsts, it utilizes DirectX 12 which became available as part of the Windows 10 launch last month.  Our game also includes a 3D benchmark for users to play with. Unfortunately, we have to make […]

The Next Generation of Graphics APIs

How different things are in just a year’s time. PC gaming is undergoing a revolution that will completely change the landscape, especially between consoles and PCs. A year ago, we had just two graphics APIs available to us (Direct3D 11 and OpenGL). Now, not only is Mantle a reality, but DirectX 12 is right around […]