About Us

Oxide Games founders Dan Baker, Tim Kipp, Brian Wade, Marc Meyer, and more all met while developing Sid Meier’s Civilization V at Firaxis. In 2013 after partnering with Stardock, they began a new company operating out of Dan’s garage in Maryland. Oxide Games was founded on a key principle: To create games that had never been seen before by creating a next-generation game engine that pushed the limits of modern hardware.

That technology would become Oxide’s proprietary Nitrous Engine, used to develop Ashes of the Singularity, the first game ever to make use of DirectX 12. Over the ensuing years, a number of their co-leads and many of their teammates on Civilization V would join Oxide. Working alongside many other industry veterans, as well as many who were new to game development, and our partners at Microsoft Game Studios, the team is working to create Ara: History Untold.

With Ara: History Untold, the Oxide Games team returns to their grand historical strategy roots to deliver an all-new turn-based 4X game experience featuring simultaneous turns, an overhauled approach to building and upgrades with a unique crafting system, a “Living World” atmosphere, and more. The game will feature a brand-new iteration of the Nitrous Engine that will establish new benchmarks in gaming tech and strategy game design.

Ara: History Untold is set to launch in 2024. Stay tuned to the Oxide Games website for updates!