Michelle Menard

Michelle Menard is a published author (Game Development with Unity), board game designer (Gateway: Uprising), and veteran video game developer. Michelle previously worked with the other Oxide founders and senior management at Firaxis on titles such as Civilization V, Civilization: Revolution, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In addition to being a former college professor teaching game […]

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy is a writer and game designer. He started in the paper game business in the 80s, working on roleplaying games like “Paranoia” and “Star Wars” and boardgames including “Space Hulk.” After he made the transition to computer games, Paul worked at MicroProse, where he assisted with various iterations of “Pirates! Gold” and other […]

Brian Wade

Brian has been a leader in software development for nearly three decades. He won a prestigious BAFTA for his work as the lead programmer of Civilization V, and served as lead programmer for Command and Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath, The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II: The Rise of the Witch-king, […]

Matt Singer

A versatile software engineer with 12 years of experience in video games, augmented reality, and enterprise software for wearable computers. When he’s not making or playing video games, you will find often find him playing board games, designing gameplay systems and mechanics, or writing desktop tools and companion apps.

Akshay Rachapudi

Akshay graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY with a master’s degree in Game Design and Development. His capstone project, Mytholympics, won 3rd place at RPI Gamefest 2018 and represented RIT at the E3 College game competition 2018. During his time at RIT, he also worked on and shipped an indie game Light Borrower. He […]

Meghan Straus

Meghan graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, majoring in Game & Character Design. While Oxide is her first foray into the industry, she’s been teaching game and level design for five years at iD Tech Campus hosted throughout Maryland. In her work she wants to create similar experiences for players to help them feel […]

Konner Howell

Konner graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, GA with a B.A. in Interactive Design and Game Development. While this is his first full-time position in the games industry, Konner has worked on two award-winning Global Game Jam games and is excited to laugh, create, and learn with the wonderful people […]

Leif Myer

Leif is a California native, and graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Computer Science, specializing in their Game Design track.  A goal he has while working here at Oxide as an engineer is to empower content creators to reach their creative vision.  Previously, Leif has worked as a consultant game developer and […]

Tylar Allinder

A designer in the industry for over 10 years, Tylar has worked in a variety of gaming mediums: board games, collectible card games, living card games (such as the Power Rangers and Naruto card games), and he recently finished a AAA project, moving back to the US from Sweden. While not working, Tylar enjoys coaching […]

Aishwarya Singh

Aishwarya graduated from the University of Florida with a master’s degree in Computer Science. Aishwarya is detail oriented and strives to do her best in all her ventures. In her free time, Aishwarya likes to watch movies, read manga, sketch, paint, and dance her heart out. If the weather allows it, she loves going for […]