About the Game

Choose your side amidst the rising tensions between the Post-Human Coalition and the AI beings, the Substrate. Conquer new and exciting worlds, build unique and diverse armies, and engage in epic battles against up to a dozen other players on huge maps.

More Information

Windows PC, Steam
Real-time Strategy

Key Features

Huge Maps and Strategic Zoom

Experience truly massive wars with up to 16 people (14 players +2 observers) at once on enormous maps! Face the challenges of multi-tiered terrain and use the Global View to zoom out into a strategic map that will allow you to manage your armies more easily.

Devastating Orbital Abilities

Surprise your enemy by using your quanta to call down turrets at critical moments in battle. Defend regions or deploy turrets strategically to trap incoming units or cut off a retreat.

Advanced Units

Add to the gameplay dynamic with complex units for both the PHC and the Substrate! Destroy waves of enemies with the heavily armored Hera unit for the PHC or bolster the strength of your army and recharge their defenses with the Caregiver unit for the Substrate, and more.

Defensive Upgrades

Bolster your defenses with upgradeable buildings. Unleash devastating advanced aircraft units on your enemies by building an Aviary or Advanced Sky Factory. Lay traps for your enemies or surprise them from behind enemy lines with offensive and defensive turrets.

Story-Driven Campaign

See Haalee’s point of view and learn about the origin of the Substrate in the campaign “Memories.” Experience the next chapter in the “Escalation” campaign as the PHC faces external and internal threats.

Unique Alien Environments

Travel to places like Crystaline and Volcanic worlds for exciting scenery for truly epic battles. Wage war across landscapes of massive crystal formations or storm your enemy’s base across spanning lava pits and burning terrain, and more.

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