Andy Cataldo

Andy has 12+ years of experience in gaming customer service, community relations and marketing. He has worked on several titles including Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Batman Arkham City. Andy likes to play all types of games across all platforms. Additionally, he is an avid […]

Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker is the Chief Operating Officer for Oxide Games and is the studio’s Executive Producer for Ara: History Untold. While he has only been in the gaming industry for 6 years, he has over 20 years of software development and management experience outside of games.

Marc Meyer

A 10-year veteran of the game industry with expertise in user interface design, game core implementation, and systems architecture. He built the Civilization V user-interface system from the ground up, bringing the series to a new level of usability while also opening up professional-level customization to the modding community. His attention to detail and focus […]

Stuart Zissu

Stuart has been a Producer in the games industry for over 15 years.  His released titles run the gamut from sports games, to MMOs, to strategy titles, with his most notable shipped products being Dungeons and Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Sid Meier’s Starships, Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond […]

Kris Kwilas

After the free cups of OS/2 Kool-Aid stopped, Kris entered the industry by joining Stardock Corporation. For the last twenty years, he’s worked project management, QA, and distribution of over two dozen desktop enhancement products (including Fences, Start10, and WindowBlinds) for consumer, business, and OEM customers. Along the way he helped build three digital distribution […]

Courtney Hedrick

Hailing originally from the rolling south Jersey countryside, Courtney comes to Oxide Games with over 15 years of teaching experience (and if you know much running a game company is like running a kindergarten…it’s helpful).  She received a BA in Mathematics from SMCM and an MA in Education from UMBC.  A big fan of Atari […]

Satch Puri

Satch graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s and an accelerated Master’s in Game Design and Development with a minor in Communication. Before joining the game industry he worked in healthcare IT and travel eCommerce industries. In his free time, Satch enjoys longboarding, hiking, playing video games, listening to music and going to the […]

Michael Califf

Michael began working in games QA in 2016, moving to Baltimore in 2017 for his first full-time position. In his free time, Michael still just plays games. Seriously, that’s it, and he’ll still never get through this backlog.