Emily Turner

Emily Turner is a Maryland native who is incredibly uncomfortable writing in the third person. She spent four years in Rochester learning how to dance and play games and is now back in her home zip code to make spreadsheets and enthusiastically wave at her coworkers. The caretaker of one cat and many plants, Emily […]

Joel Bowers

Joel graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a degree in Animation and Interactive Media. In his decade of game development he has worked multiple roles within varying team sizes, on titles which include Frontierville and Offworld Trading Company.  In his free time he enjoys online gaming, comic book reading, and watching terrible movies.


Kristin’s background spans various IT-related fields from business and data analysis, project management, application development, QA and tech support. She loves Star Trek, retro gaming (especially Castlevania: SOTN), fantasy RPGs, gardening, and crafts.

Taylor Burch

Taylor is a Baltimore native and BPI alumni. She graduated from University of Baltimore with a degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment and a minor in psychology. While Oxide is her first professional role in the industry, she’s a firm believer that games are the most powerful form of media and is passionate about making […]

Nate Blair

Nate has 7 years of software development experience working for various game and software companies as a gameplay programmer and fullstack engineer. In the past he has worked at Hewlett Packard on cloud management systems and at Amplify on reading educational games for kids ages 5-10. Before Oxide, he worked at a small startup out […]

Macoy Madson

Macoy is a self-taught gameplay engineer from Utah/Idaho. He worked for six years on console and PC MMOs before joining Oxide. He enjoys dabbling in various hobbies such as climbing, studying Japanese, and making music.